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How to write your first resume

As we all know, making a resume is the first item on the preparation checklist. Every college student will have some sort of it which may or may not be impressive. A common mistake people often do is googling for boring-templatish resume and editing it to suit them. Plagiarized resume is rampant among candidates who all are from same college attending off campus interview with a name change and CGPA being the differentiator.

On an average an HR spends about 5 seconds for the resume. It is worth to know how to organize information you put on a resume. The goal of this post is to help you write your first resume without lifting stuff from the Internet.

Let’s see each of them

  1. Filename andĀ length
  2. Email Id
  3. Email subject
  4. Covering letter

Filename and length

1. First, don’t edit an experienced professional resume to suit a fresher. Fortunate ones may have an elder brother/sister/cousins working for an IT MNC. The rest will download a resume from the Internet and edit it. So, for the love of God never edit their resume to suit you.

2. A Fresher’s resume should be no longer than 2 pages.

3. Always send your resume as PDFs when applying jobs. We are living in mobile first world, most of the mails get read on the mobile. If you use any other format like docx, odt it will be painful for the recruiter to check your resume on the go. All modern office applications have an option to export as PDF, make use of them. Added advantage is that, formatting made will be preserved irrespective of the font, styles used.

4. Give a meaningful name as the file name of the resume

ex of bad naming :

1. Ashwini.docx
2. Divis resume.pdf

ex of good naming:

1. Resume_Ashwini_CEG_Fresher_7.3_BTECH_IT.pdf
2. Resume_Divya_AnnaUniversity_8.2_MSC_IT.pdf

#1 Incomplete file name, .docx format, no information.
#2 Though it is in pdf format, it has short names.
#3 Final, soft copy? It is implicitly understood that, an email will always contain soft copy.

It is wrong for the above stated reasons. Here, 7.3, 8.2 represents CGPA. Provide as much information as you can before helping them to know about you.

Email Id

It is advisable to use a separate email for job search. Having a separate email for job has a few of advantages

1. Whenever an email lands in your inbox, you can check it immediately. It won’t sink in never ending fb friend and other service emails.

2. Job portals like naukri, monster are less helpful for fresher. Once you register job email id with them, you can save your personal email id from being bombarded with job notifications.

3. Though there is no standard form for having a professional email id. <your_name>.<your_father’s_name>@< some email domain>.com format is better to get started. Use whichever format you are comfortable with.

ex of good email formats


ex of other email formats(Cool but not bad)


4. Send your resume from the same email id which you mention on your resume. Though, it looks trivial to mention here, I’ve seen people not doing it.

Gmail is free, it is easy to create a new account.

Email subject

Usually, the company you interviewing will have multiple open positions. To increase the relevance of your email, you need to write in the appropriate subject.

ex of bad subject lines

1. sir, fresher resume
2. my resume

ex of good subject lines

1. Fresher Ashwini_CEG_Fresher_7.3_BTECH_IT for Test Engineer at Mumbai
2. Fresher Jagan_VELTECH_9.1_BE_CSE_IT for Java developer at Chennai.

Covering letter

Never apply a job opening without covering letter. Google marks emails with attachment but without a body as SPAM . So, be mindful in writing a good grammatically correct covering letter. You can use software like ginger for spell check and grammar correction.

Most off-campuses recruiters won’t expect a covering letter since every resume is routed via placement officer. Still it can be helpful in preparing oneself for the job application else where.

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