How to write your first resume – Part 2

    This is a continuation of the How to write your first resume

Job hunt is incomplete without a covering letter. Though, the norm now is to apply via job portal. Covering letter is expected if you are applying for job from newspapers and referrals. It gives the first impression about you as a fit for the open position. Shorter it is, the better. Some companies may have covering letter to be the first level of screening if they receive overwhelming job applications.

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How to write your first resume

As we all know, making a resume is the first item on the preparation checklist. Every college student will have some sort of it which may or may not be impressive. A common mistake people often do is googling for boring-templatish resume and editing it to suit them. Plagiarized resume is rampant among candidates who all are from same college attending off campus interview with a name change and CGPA being the differentiator.

On an average an HR spends about 5 seconds for the resume. It is worth to know how to organize information you put on a resume. The goal of this post is to help you write your first resume without lifting stuff from the Internet.

Let’s see each of them

  1. Filename and length
  2. Email Id
  3. Email subject
  4. Covering letter

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List of Colleges with Pass Percentage 2012-2013

While I was gathering information about the Engineering Colleges in Tamil nadu, I  had found links about pass percentages of engineering colleges released by Anna University. I thought sharing them here would you help students to get to know more about their favourite college and their performance. Please check the below link for more details

Pass Percentage April / May  2013

Pass Percentage November / December 2013

Pass Percentage November / December 2012

Pass Percentage April / May 2011